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Latest iOS 14 Widgets: Install iOS 14 Profiles & Features

Apple Latest iOS 14 Widgets

iOS 14 Widgets, Best iOS 14 Widgets, Latest iOS 14 Widgets ideas & Best iOS 14 Widgets layout… Apple took as much time as is needed to carry gadgets to Apple iOS, and since they are here, we can’t disregard the way that the organization did a very great job. In iOS 14 Widgets, you would now be able to modify how your iPhone’s home screen looks by just introducing gadgets.

Clients get a huge load of gadget alternatives in various sizes, and believe it or not, the whole UI currently looks present-day and cleaned. iOS 14 has made some astound gadgets alternatives and in this article, we will recommend to you the absolute best gadgets that you can download right now on your iPhone.

Apple iOS 14 – How to add the gadget to the Home Screen?

In the first place, how about we figure out how to include a gadget on your iOS 14 Home Screen. Remember, you can just add gadgets to your iPhone home screen, which implies If you have an iPad, this will not work. All things considered, follow these means to add a gadget in iOS 14.

Ios 14 Widgets

  1. Tap and hold an empty space on your iOS 14 home screen until app icons start jiggling.
  2. Tap +in the top-left to open the Widgets menu.
  3. Select any widget > select its size > tap Add Widget.
  4. The widget will now be added to the home screen. You can easily drag it around to place it wherever you want to. After you’re finished, hit Done.

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Latest iOS 14 Widgets for Apple Apps:

  1. Batteries:

Our iPhones don’t display the battery percentage on the home screen. However, the batteries widget changes it all. If you want to keep a check on the battery status of your iPhone and connected Bluetooth accessories, you should definitely use the Batteries widget. It is available in three sizes — Small, Medium, and Large, and as soon as you unlock your iPhone, this widget shows the battery percentage of all your connected devices such as AirPods, Apple Watch, etc. Pretty handy.

  1. Screen Time:

The Screen Time widget lets you check your screen time activity for the day. The widget is available in all three sizes, and with Screen Time on the home screen, you can easily take a quick glance at your screen on time, the apps you use the most, and other useful information.

  1. World Clock:

If you have any family or friends living abroad, being able to know the time from different countries in the world at a single glance could be pretty useful. The Clock widget is available in all three sizes and lets you view the time in multiple cities from around the world.

  1. Notes:

Want to jot down a quick note? The Notes widget will let you do that. You can add the Notes widget in all three sizes and get instant access to one of your Notes folders. Besides, you can even add a single note to your home screen in a small-sized widget if you want.

Ios 14

Best iOS 14 – Create empty space on the Home Screen:

With the help of two third-party apps, you can now place a widget that creates an empty space on your iPhone’s home screen. Sounds interesting? Follow these steps.

  • Download Scriptableand Widgetsmith from the App Store.
  • You’ll now get a pop-up, tap Continue, and choose the screenshot that you took a few moments ago.
  • Next, take a screenshot of an empty home screen on your iPhone. To do that, tap and hold an empty space on your iOS 14 home screen until app icons start jiggling and scroll to the last page of your home screen.
  • If you have an iPhone with a Face ID, you can take screenshots by pressing the volume up + side button. If you have an iPhone with a Touch ID, you can take a screenshot by pressing the home button + power button.
  • After you’ve taken the screenshot, head over to this Github page and copy the whole code.
  • Once you’ve copied the code, open Scriptable > tap +> paste the code > tap the run icon in the bottom right.
  • Next, open Widgetsmith to create empty transparent space on your home screen.
    Based on the size of the screenshot you took earlier, choose between Small, Medium, or Large Widgets in Widgetsmith.
  • After creating a new widget, tap to open it. Tap on the preview to enter the customization page.
  • Under Custom, select Photo. Keep in mind, it is your choice if you want to give access to all your photos or some of them. Now, go ahead and choose the photo that you created with Scriptable.
  • Once done, go back to the preview screen > rename the widget if you wish to > hit Save.
  • Select the size and the position of the widget. Once done, export your file to Files or Photos. Now close Scriptable.

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