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Latest iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas & Install 14 Beta Profiles

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas / Apple 14 Beta Profiles / 14 Beta Download… Apple iOS 14 Beta Download. In the summer, Apple presented the iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas. After the announcement, it became possible to install the beta version of the system immediately. Today we will tell you how to install the iOS 14 beta profile, and what risks you can expect after that.

Apple Corporation invites users to do testing in order to get feedback on their developments and improve the system before its official release. It is recommended to install Test Apple iOS 14 Beta on a non-mainstream iPhone. Devices that are important for business or work are best updated only after the official iOS appears.

Apple iOS 14 was released to the general public earlier this week, bringing a variety of notable changes. Some of those changes included support for Apple Fitness+ and AirPods Max, ProRAW on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and enhancements to the TV application.

Ios 14 Beta

How to Install iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas?

  • Update your iPhone to the latest system version.
  • Back up your smartphone to iCloud.
  • Get a developer certificate from the link to be able to install the beta version of OS 14.
  • Then confirm the action.
  • Next, you will find in the iPhone settings “Profile loaded”.
  • Install it and restart your gadget.
  • After that go to “Settings” → “Software update”. Your iPhone will find the beta version of iOS 14 beta, when you see it, click “Update”.

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This version has many bugs, so users install it at their own risk.

Highlights when Installing a test Operating System Of iOS 14 Beta

  • Any user who has an Apple ID can install a test version of the system. It exists to collect feedback from people who have decided to install pre-release software for themselves.
  • iPhone warranty does not expire with Test Apple iOS 14.
  • Once you have obtained your developer certification, you will be automatically offered beta systems. To no longer receive them, you can cancel your registration at any time and you will only be offered official updates.

If, while using the iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas system, you want to return to the previous official version, then simply restore the device from the backup that you created previously.

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