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Ways to Empty iPhone Storage – Latest iOS

Latest iPhone Storage

iPhone storage is not a new phenomenon. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of memory card access on the iPhone. Annoying “Storage Almost Full” notification is displayed when the iPhone’s storage is full.

However, the relief is that the iPhone storage can be easily emptied in some simple ways. Let’s find out in detail about how to empty iPhone storage.

Rules for checking iPhone storage

Phone storage is often full due to unnecessary files. It is very important to know the reason why the storage is being used to keep the storage of iPhone empty.

To check the storage of iPhone:

  • Enter the phone’s settings
  • Enter General
  • Tap on iPhone Storage

Now you will see a color-coded bar on the top of the phone where there is empty storage, how much storage an app is using, what causes the storage to become full; You will know all this. Photos and apps take up most of the space.

Iphone Storage

Below is a list of the amount of space an app is using. From here, it is possible to know the amount of storage of documents and data of that app by tapping on the top of each app. Now let’s find out how to empty iPhone storage.

Clean the Photo Library

By checking the storage in the manner described above, you may know by now that the lion’s share of your storage is occupied by some kind of file. Most of the time these are photos and videos. However, to free up space on the iPhone without clearing the entire photo library, the only pictures you can delete are:

  • Multiple pictures of the same type
  • The same image saved or downloaded more than once
  • Pictures of things like white boards, notes, checks, etc.
  • Unnecessary screenshots
  • Unnecessary large size video

Clear Browser Cache

Web browsers like Chrome or Safari, however, save the cache and other data of the sites you visit. As a result, a large portion of the phone’s storage becomes full due to the browser’s cache. So Safari and Chrome cache can be cleared to free the iPhone’s storage.

To Clear Safari’s Cache:

Enter the Settings app
Scroll down and tap on Safari
Tap on Clear History & Website Data

To clear Google Chrome’s cache:

Log in to the Google Chrome app
First tap on Options and then Settings
Scroll down and select Privacy
Clean the storage in the desired manner by tapping Clear Browsing Data
Clear the cache of the app

Unnecessary browser data can be easily cleared, but many app data can not be cleared directly. As seen in many apps, many GB storage occupies storage for documents and data.

Empty Iphone Storage

To clear the data of these apps:

Enter the phone’s settings
Enter General
Tap on iPhone Storage
Then select the app you want to clear data from the list
Then tap on Delete App
Download the app again from the App Store

In the case of uninstalling and installing the app in that way, although the data of the app is cleared, it is not possible to clear the cache data of the iPhone app in any other native way except this method.

Deleting a message attachment

For those who use the iPhone’s iMessage feature, their storage can be filled with memes, gifs, selfies, short videos, etc. that come through messages. Even if these contents are not saved on the phone, they are stored in storage. So you can clear some space by deleting these attachments in the message.

To clear the attachment of iMessage:

Enter the phone’s settings
Enter General
Tap on iPhone Storage
Tap on Messages
Tap the category that occupies the most storage from the various categories displayed
Tap Edit in the top corner
Select the attachments you want to delete
Then tap on the Trash icon

Deleting offline content

Downloading enjoyable content of songs, videos, podcasts, etc. online is now a common thing. Downloading videos from YouTube or Netflix or music from Spotify or Apple Music drains the iPhone’s storage quite quickly. Many spaces can be vacated by deleting the offline content of these apps.

To delete Netflix movies or series saved on iPhone:

Sign in to the Netflix app
Click on Downloads
Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner
Delete the video by tapping the red X button.

To delete offline videos from YouTube:

Enter the YouTube app
Tap Downloads from Library
Then click on the three dot menu next to the video to bring up the video menu
Then delete the video by tapping Delete From Downloads

To delete offline playlists, songs and podcasts downloaded on Spotify:

Enter the Spotify app
Tap Your Library
Tap on Music
Tap on Playlists
Playlists with green arrows are downloaded playlists
Enter the playlist and delete the downloaded playlist from the options

Ways to keep iPhone storage empty

It is better to save the iPhone’s storage in advance than to empty it later. You can save iPhone storage in different ways. Let’s know some effective ways to save storage.

Save photos and videos elsewhere

Photos and videos on the phone occupy most of the storage. If you have the necessary pictures and videos on the phone, it is not possible to delete them. In that case you can save important pictures or videos elsewhere.

If you have a computer, you can store important pictures, videos and large files on the computer. You can also use cloud storage like iCloud or Google Photos or Google Drive.

Turn off duplicate photo settings in HDR photos

For iPhones that do not have Smart HDR, two versions of the same image are saved when taking pictures: one is the original image and the other is the HDR processed image. This feature can be turned off to save duplicate images.

To turn off the feature:

From now on, iPhone will save only one image when taking HDR pictures. As a result, the storage will not be full as a result of multiple photos.

Turn off the message “Forever Save”

By default, all messages sent and received in the iPhone’s iMessage are saved on the phone, which takes up storage. If your storage is full for extra messages, you can always turn off message saving settings. But first make sure you know if you really want to do it. Because this will delete the old message after a certain time.

To change this feature of always saving message:

Enter Messages from Settings
Scroll down and tap on Message History
Tap Keep Messages
Then change the Change Forever settings to save the desired setting

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